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Your family's Fenghua rose can't support it

When it comes to picking rose varieties, the first thing to say is to choose according to your level of appearance.

There are many varieties of rose, there are thousands of species, there are certain differences between each variety, the difficulty of breeding is also different, we like to see beautiful rose flowers, the premise is to be able to feed.

Therefore, when choosing a rose, we should consider the ease of breeding the rose species.

According to the difficulty of planting, we roughly divide the rose into 4 categories.

  1, easy-to-cultivate wild varieties

The easy-to-breed rose varieties are mainly single-season vine rose, rose, etc. This type of rose retains more of its original growth characteristics, with strong vitality, strong disease resistance, and rapid growth, suitable for gardening.

  2, popular breeds

The popular rose varieties that are easier to breed are only some of the more common rose varieties, and are also the mainstream varieties currently on the market. This type of rose has strong disease resistance, flowers in all seasons, and has a compact plant type, which is more suitable for potting and is easy to plant. Some Austin rose varieties and French rose varieties belong to this category.

  3, varieties with poor resistance

Varieties with poor stress resistance generally refer to varieties that require relatively more management, general stress resistance, average shade and cold tolerance, and poor resistance to dark spots. Commonly seen are some rose varieties of cut flowers, such as snow mountain roses. This type of rose flowering effect is closely related to personal maintenance and requires certain planting techniques. Most of the tea roses and Fenghua roses are of this type.

  4, difficult to raise new and exotic varieties

What are the new and rare rose varieties that are difficult to raise? To give a simple example: Friends who like Chinese roses should have seen Gabriel ’s headshots. The color is beautiful! But in fact this breed is a new and strange breed that is difficult to raise.

If you want to choose a rose variety that suits you, it is not enough to know how easy it is to grow.

Many people have requirements for flowering, fragrance, plant size, etc., so we need to understand further.

Many people like the flowering and flowering varieties, which is called Fenghua rose in the classification of rose strains.