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Effect of NaCl Stress on Germination of Dianthus caryophyllus and other Seeds

ToDianthus(Dianthus chinensis) and Changxia Dianthus (Dianthus plumarius) seeds are the test materials, and the concentration is 0. 1}}% NaCl under single salt stress was used for germination experiments. The results showed that compared with the control, with the increase of NaCl stress concentration, the germination rate, germination value and germination index of the two kinds of Dianthus seeds showed a decreasing trend, and with the increase of stress concentration, the relative salt damage rate increased and the seeds began to germinate The time was delayed and the germination process increased; 1. 0% NaCl concentration stress inhibited the germination rate of Dianthus caryophyllus 67. 70% and {{1 0} }. {{1 1}}%, under the concentration of 1. {{1}}%, the germination rates of the two test plants were respectively It is 1 6.00% and {{1}}. 33%. Under the effect of different concentrations of salt stress, the growth of the radicle, germ and cotyledon of the two tested seeds was restrained differently.

Salt is an important environmental factor that affects plant growth and yield. Over the years, there have been many studies on the biology of salt stress and the response of plants to high salt, involving many complex reactions of plants to salt stress and many other aspects.

Seeds are an important propagation material for plants, so the salt resistance of seeds at the germination stage can reflect the degree of salt tolerance of the plant. Compared to growth, plants are more susceptible to salt damage during seed germination

Measuring the germination of seeds under different salt concentration stress is one of the important evidences to demonstrate the salt resistance. The germination period of seeds is a period sensitive to salinity. Whether or not plant seeds germinate under salt stress, the speed of germination, and seed vigor status are very important for their survival on saline soil.

Dianthus chinensis is rich in color, small and many flowers, cymes, blooming in spring and summer, can be used for flower beds, flower borders, flower stands or pots, can also be used to decorate rock gardens and lawn edges; Changxia Dianthus Dianthus plumarius) Evergreen, beautiful leaves, beautiful flowers, fragrant flowers, long flowering period, is commonly used to embellish large green spaces, squares, parks, street green spaces, garden green spaces and flower beds, flower fields, and Changxia Dianthus This "winterless, summery" ground cover is more and more recognized by modern garden cities. At this stage, there are relatively few reports on salt stress of Dianthus seed, this paper studies the single salt stress of different concentrations of NaCl The effect on the germination of Dianthus chinensis seeds provides a basis for the salt tolerance of Dianthus chinensis and Changxia Dianthus seeds, and it has important practical application value for guiding its application in saline-alkali land.