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Give everyone Amway a flower rose

The planting of rose flowers is simple and the colors are rich. It is very beautiful no matter where it is planted, and it is also widely planted in the world. It is especially loved by flower friends. If you do not have a few rose flowers in your family, then you are not a true flower person.

Today, I am strongly giving you Amway a flower-rich rose with a large flower path and a very colorful flower. The flower buddies with a yard at home can not miss it. It is also a rose that is worth waiting for. The whole piece is particularly spectacular. It is a big flower. The masterpiece of Xiangyue.

This rose is our main protagonist today, the Golden Celebration. Its flower path is much larger than that of ordinary rose. Its flower color is more dazzling yellow than gold. Its flower volume is large, but the seedlings are less open. Wait, it will not disappoint you when it grows up, it can keep on driving.

The Golden Celebration is a strong fragrance rose. Its fragrance can still change. It is a tea fragrance at the beginning of the bloom, and a strong wine fragrance at the later stage. The annual flower can bloom many times per season.

The Golden Festival has a fast growth rate. The small seedlings can climb up the wall in a few years. The plant shape is extremely plump. It is not easy to get sick. It has strong disease resistance, strong adaptability to the environment, and survival rate Very high, no difficulty in maintenance.

Whether it is pot planting or ground planting, the Golden Celebration is a good choice. It has beautiful flowers and rich floral fragrance.