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Qingzhou Civic Garden Professional Cooperative of Flowers and Seedlings is located in Huanglou Town, Qingzhou, one of the beautiful old cities in the central part of Shandong Peninsula. , Chithana base, canna base, seasonal grass flowers, green seedlings, and perennial flower bases integrate the cultivation of flower seedlings and sales. Our town has convenient transportation. At present, we are undertaking different types of gardening and maintenance (including enterprises, roads, schools, hotels, hotels and communities), large-scale sports venues and greening and maintenance projects. A variety of drought-tolerant plants suitable for the growth in the west, and sand-proof and sand-fixing vegetation. There are many varieties of small seedlings and other varieties all year round. There are many varieties, complete specifications, large quantities and high quality. Customers can inspect the seedlings on site, and can also help handle consignment and return vehicles. To you.
Operating items: Project greening seedling sales
Business philosophy: integrity is responsible for small profits but quick turnover
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