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Planting and transportation of green seedlings

The planting period of green seedlings is from 10 to the end of March of the following year. Ground seedlings need to maintain the integrity of the root system as much as possible. Bundle and load the vehicle, cover the tarpaulin, transport it to the planting site in time, put it in a cool indoor place, and spray with water to keep the moisture. Before planting bare root seedlings, then add 1% phosphate fertilizer with yellow mud to the base. Before planting, pruning is done according to the size of seedlings. When there are only 6 leaves, you can plant them. If the seedlings have an excessively long root system, they should be reduced by one-third and planted in time.

Transport of seedlings

According to the principle of "with excavation, with transportation, with planting", after seedlings are raised, they should be transported to the planting site as soon as possible to minimize the transportation time. Information such as specifications, quality, and quantity is guaranteed to meet the requirements for planting, and seedlings that do not meet the planting requirements must be replaced in time. If the bare root seedlings are to be transported for a long time, the roots should be dipped in mud and covered with wet grass, and then packed and transported. Bare-rooted seedlings cannot be stolen by the whole vehicle. During the transportation and loading and unloading of seedlings, the roots of seedlings should be protected. To avoid shaking, the roots should be tied and fixed with ropes while keeping the roots moist.

After loading the green seedlings, avoid mildew or air-drying, cover them with straw mats, etc. to block the wind and shade, and reduce the mechanical damage to the seedlings. When loading and unloading seedlings, they should be moved in order, and they should be handled lightly and not dragged at will. Shrub seedlings or seedlings with earth balls above the height of 1. 5 meters can be loaded upright, but heavy objects cannot be placed on the earth balls. For the larger seedlings of the earth ball, the earth ball must be stabilized and arranged tightly.