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Introduction of colorful carnation planting

DianthusIt is a perennial herb of the Dianthus family, one of the traditional flowers in China. The perennial herb of the Dianthus family is good in nature and cold-resistant. It can be opened from the late spring season to mid-autumn. Then the following editor will talk to you about how to plant colorful bamboo? Learn how to plant colorful bamboo.
Growth habits of colorful bamboo:
The colorful bamboo is resistant to cold but not to the scorching heat, likes the high dryness and ventilation of the sun, and the fertile loam with good drainage. For seeding and cutting for reproduction, the germination of seeds is more suitable for temperatures ranging from 21 to 22 ℃, sowing in autumn, and planting in the following spring; double-valve varieties that are not easy to be strong, are ramified or cut in autumn.
How to plant colorful bamboo:
Colorful carnation has good adaptability to temperature and can grow in a wide temperature range. Cultivation should be kept as low as possible in the warm and hot season, and the temperature during the cold season is 10-20 ° C day and night. Dianthus likes high-light weather, and the length of light of more than ten hours a day can promote its early flowering. And flowering sooner or later depends on the total amount of light received by the plant.
If it is potted chrysanthemum or combination cultivation, the porous sandy soil should be used. The soil is preferably acidic soil. Dianthus does not have high nutritional requirements. Generally speaking, every time 3-4 times of continuous water pouring, a fully soluble fertilizer is applied, and the nitrogen fertilizer concentration is about two thousandths.

Colorful bamboo planting method:
Multicolored bamboos are usually planted by cutting. Put the cuttings into the flower pot breeding tray or mixed cuttings to cultivate the soil to keep it moist.
Under normal circumstances, rooting takes place within three weeks, and the coconut shell fiber mixed soil grows better. After the cuttings take root, sharpen the main shoots to promote new shoots. Morning is a good time for sharpening.
Colorful bamboo likes soil with good light and drainage. Clays can be mixed with coarse sand particles or opened up to create a suitable environment for growth. Put a handful of sand in your hand, the louder the squeak, the better the soil quality.
Regular pruning of flower branches can promote new flowers, but it is not enough to cut off the open heads. The entire flower branch should be cut off, so that the flower plants can be tillered from the roots.
During the growing season, colorful bamboo will be used to dilute phosphate-containing tomatoes for top dressing every two weeks.
If the colorful dianthus flowers are lush, they should be cut short in the first month of 9 to form a dense flower pier.
The above is an introduction to the method of planting colorful bamboo. After reading the above, do you know how to plant colorful bamboo? I hope the above is helpful to everyone.