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Cultivation method of potted colorful dianthus

There are many types of colorful dianthus, such as three-inch, five-inch and other dwarf flowers, and there are ordinary plant heights between 30 cm and 50 cm. . The colorful bamboo is one of the traditional Chinese famous flowers. It grows relatively well and is hardy. So, how to plant colorful bamboo? The following small series introduces the cultivation method of colorful bamboo for everyone:
Colorful bamboo is a perennial herbaceous flower with low perennial roots, which is cultivated as a biennial plant. Potted Dianthus requires sufficient base fertilizer, 2-3 plants per pot. The seedlings grow to 15 cm high to remove the top buds and promote their branching. In the future, pay attention to appropriate removal of axillary buds. Otherwise, more branches will make the nutrients scattered and flowering smaller. Appropriate removal of the axillary buds will concentrate the nutrients and promote large flowers Seductive.
During the growth period, it should be placed in a well-ventilated place to maintain the moisture of the potted soil, and the rotted thin liquid fertilizer should be applied about every 10 days. Excessive rain in summer, pay attention to drainage loose soil. Dianthus is easy to hybridize, and those who keep seeds need to be planted separately. Before flowering, some leaf axillary flower buds should be removed in time, mainly to achieve flowering of the top flower buds. It is better to water less in winter. If the temperature is kept at 5-8 ℃, winter and spring will continue to bloom.

Colorful carnations like soil with good light and drainage. Clays can be mixed with coarse sand particles or opened up to create a suitable environment for growth. Put a handful of sand in your hand, the louder the squeak, the better the soil quality. Coconut shell fiber grows better in mixed culture soil.
In the growing period of Dianthus caryophylla, sufficient light is required, and it is placed in a place with sufficient sunlight. In summer, scattered light is appropriate to reduce the sun exposure. Shade and cool down when the temperature is high.
The suitable temperature for Dianthus growth is 15-20 ℃. The greenhouse should be kept in winter and the temperature should be kept above 12 ℃.
Dianthus needs to keep the pot soil moist during the growth and development period, such as excessive watering and rotten roots.
During the growing season, colorful bamboo will be supplemented with nutrient solution every two weeks.
Regular pruning of flower branches can promote new flowers, but it is not enough to cut off the open heads. The entire flower branch should be cut off, so that the flower plants can be tillered from the root. If the colorful bamboo flowers are lush, they should be cut short in the first month of 9 to form a dense flower pier.
Diseases and pests
0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; To maintain the colorful bamboo, pay attention to the drainage of the soil in rainy weather, do not pour on the petals when watering, otherwise it will make the petals Become absent. In order to achieve the excellent quality of Dianthus caryophyllus, the plants that need to collect seeds should be planted separately to avoid hybridization. The robust plants can be used to pick the side buds to achieve flowering.