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Introduction of Fenghua rose varieties

When it comes to planting flowers, I believe that many netizens must have so many potted flowers at home, and many rose flowers. The reason is that there are many varieties of rose. According to the different types of various varieties, it is divided into eucalyptus and shrubs. Many veteran farmers especially like to cultivate a rich variety of roses, because they are generally also called poly-flowers, each time they bloom very much, and they are also resistant to cold, high temperature, drought, waterlogging, and disease. Here are some kinds of rose flowers:

  1. Blue Storm

In fact, the color of the blue storm flower will be closer to purple, blue storm is more suitable for Western and modern garden culture, but blue storm is really a special kind of flowering, with a special color!

  2. Aunt Maggie

Aunt Maggie is famous for her many flowers and flowers. She is particularly suitable for cultivation on the balcony. The flower buds are not so big, on the contrary, the flower buds are medium and tight. It smells strong and fragrant. But it's not pungent, it just smells good. In addition, the figure of Aunt Maggie is visible all year round. This is a flower you can always have at home!

  3. Creamy Longsha

Creamy Longsha is also a flower of Fenghua rose. The color of the flower buds is cream, a little yellow. It gives a feeling that it is a little sacred, noble and needs good care!

  4. Earth blue

Earth Blue is really one of the popular rose. These plants are small and suitable for potting. The color is light blue and the shape is a wine glass. It smells a little lilac. The face value is high, the taste is very good, suitable for raising at home!

  5. Canary

The last Fenghua rose really attracted the trust of many flower friends. It is also a popular variety among many varieties. The feeling of canary is especially bright, which can bring a good mood to people!

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