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  • Chinese rose

    Chinese rose

    Good flowering, large amount of flowers, < br > orderly and easy to open in a centralized way

  • Perennial flower base

    Perennial flower base

    Perennial flowers can be
    harvested continuously for many years

  • Seasonal grass and flowers

    Seasonal grass and flowers

    Variety < br > easy to plant and manage

  • Chelidae base

    Chelidae base

    Beautiful posture and neat appearance


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Company Profile

Qingzhou Civic Garden Professional Cooperative of Flowers and Seedlings is located in Huanglou Town, Qingzhou, one of the beautiful old cities in the central part of Shandong Peninsula. Many varieties such as chrysanthemum, celandine, canna and other varieties are currently undertaking landscape gardening and maintenance of different scales (including enterprises, roads, schools, hotels, hotels and communities), greening and maintenance projects of large sports grounds, and undertaking the design of Huahai Project , Greening rental and maintenance projects on various occasions, with many varieties, complete specifications, large quantity and high quality, seedlings are sold in Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Ningxia, Gansu, Tianjin and other places.


Hot products

Hot products

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Company News

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