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Where to start after planting green seedlings to improve their survival rate

In the line of dry and green seedlings, we must pay attention to the survival rate of seedlings from all aspects, from the quality of the seedlings to the excavation, earth ball, and loading. And the maintenance of seedlings after planting is also very important, as the saying goes: "Three-point planting, seven-point custody". The year after planting is a critical period for its survival. Here's where to start:

1. Support

Tall trees and windy places must be supported by trees. Positive triangular piles are conducive to tree stabilization, and the connection between the two piles is perpendicular to the year-round wind direction. The height of the ground above the wooden pile is 80 ~ {{{1}} cm, the depth of the human soil is about 1 / 3 of the length of the pile. Pad protective layer to prevent skin damage.

2. Watering

After the green seedlings are planted, earth ridges with a height of 15 ~ 20 cm should be built with soil on the outer edge of the tree hole, which is called “open weir”. The cofferdam shall be solid and the bottom of the wall shall be flat, which is used for water blocking when watering. If the plants are close to each other or trees planted in series, several trees or trees planted in strips or blocks can be combined to form a collective cofferdam. This method is called "border". When making the borders, the topography of the borders should be guaranteed, and the trees should be allowed to eat evenly.

After the seedlings are planted, water must be poured three times. The first time is to pour out the root water within 24 hours after planting, and penetrate into the soil layer to a depth of 30 cm, so that the soil can fully absorb moisture and closely integrate the root system Conducive to the restoration and growth of the root system. After the first irrigation, check once and find that the tree is crooked and straightened in time. The second watering should be carried out 2 ~ 3 days after planting. The water volume is still the main purpose of pressure soil filling. Check whether the seedlings are straight after watering. Then, water the third time about 10 days apart, and irrigate thoroughly. Afterwards, you can water as appropriate according to actual conditions.

After pouring water, the tree weir should be filled or slightly tall on the surrounding ground to prevent rain or water accumulation during watering. At the same time, in low-lying areas where water can accumulate, drainage ditches should be opened to ensure timely drainage in rainy days. Planting green seedlings in autumn should be piled into a 30 cm high mound at the base of the trunk to maintain soil moisture, protect the roots of the tree, and prevent wind from shaking to survive.