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How to maintain good canna

For potted canna, first select the appropriate varieties, dwarf varieties are more suitable for potting.

The maintenance of potted plants should start with the selection of rhizomes, and pay more attention to master the cultivation techniques of each growth link.

In the spring 3 ~ 4, the rhizomes were dug up, the rotted parts were trimmed off, and cut into several pieces according to the size of the rhizomes and the number of shoots. The incision should be smooth. After cutting, it should be coated with plant ash or charcoal powder, and then divided.

When planting, select rhizomes with 2 ~ 3 stems and buds, cut them quickly, bury them in the pot, and the depth is the degree that the bud tips are exposed to the soil.

Cannabis likes fat and moisture, and potting soil should be prepared by mixing and mixing organic soils such as rot leaf soil, garden soil, peat soil, and mountain mud. Organic fertilizers such as bean cake and bone meal are added as base fertilizer.

The first watering should be permeable after planting, and the pot soil should be kept moist in the future. When it grows to 5 ~ {{1}} leaves, every 10 ~ 1 5 The liquid fertilizer needs to be applied for 1 times a day. Liquid fertilizer can be made from decomposed thin soybean cake water and added with appropriate amount of ferrous sulfate. Compound fertilizer solution can also be used. . 3% is suitable. Fertilization should be stopped when flowering.

During flowering, the flower pot should be moved to a shade, which is beneficial to increase the flowering period.

After flowering, the flower stem should be cut off in time to encourage it to germinate new buds, grow flowering branches, and continue to bloom. Potted soil should always be kept moist. If the potted soil is too dry, symptoms such as dryness of leaf margins and tips, and yellowing of leaves may occur.

In the hot summer, if the water is too cold, it can also cause the leaf margin to burn. When the temperature exceeds 40 ℃, it should be moved to a cool and ventilated place, otherwise, the scorching of the leaf margin and the yellowing of the leaf will also be caused by the sultry heat.

How to grow canna

It should be planted after the last frost in spring.

Promoting germination before planting should be carried out. The germination can be carried out after 2 months. The appropriate temperature for germination is 2 0 ~ 2 5 ℃. After the buds are extracted, they can be transplanted separately.

Before transplanting, the soil of the planting site should be deeply turned over. The planting hole should be slightly larger. The base of the hole should be applied with sufficient base fertilizer.

The base fertilizer should be covered with a few centimeters of soil, then implanted with rhizomes, and covered with 10 ~ 20 centimeters of soil. The cover soil for ornamental use should be shallower, and the cover soil for reproduction should be thicker.

The first watering should be permeable after transplanting, and the amount of watering should be increased according to the gradual increase of the plant after germination, and the soil must be kept moist frequently.