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Introduction of sowing sunflower sunflower design

Sowing method: Sunflower seeds have larger particles. Generally, the blocks with smaller area or slopes are sown, and the blocks with larger area can be combined with irrigation to open planting ditch.
Seeding density: Expressed in centimeters of plant spacing * row spacing, dwarf branching type: 50 * 40; tall stem branching type: 60 * 50; single stem Type: 50 * 40 (see the table for the branching attributes and plant spacing requirements in the exhibition).
Sowing of Sunflower Flower Engineering Design:
Large-area flat plots: planting ditches in the prepared site according to the row spacing requirements, depth of 5 cm, the two ends of the ditches are filled with soil, the trench is filled with water, sunflower seeds are sowed according to plant spacing requirements, each sowing {{2} } -3 capsules. Covered with 2 cm thickness.

Small area plots or slope plots: hole sowing, dig holes according to the requirements of plant row spacing in the prepared site (same north-south row, according to row width), hole depth 3-5 cm (depending on seed size), Pour water into the hole and sow sunflower seeds, 2-3 capsules per hole. Covered with 2 cm thickness.
The base fertilizer for sunflower flower sea engineering design: the base fertilizer is decomposed organic fertilizer or chemical fertilizer. The organic fertilizer is 2 tons / mu, and the chemical fertilizer can be 5 kg per mu of diammonium phosphate plus compound fertilizer. The base fertilizer staggers the seeds in the ditch and spreads the soil after spreading, or spreads a short ditch beside the sowing hole and spreads the soil after spreading.
Covering soil: Although the depth of planting trenches or digging holes is required to be 5 cm, the thickness of the covering soil after sunflower sowing is required to be 1-2 cm Seedlings with shells). Make the ditch or hole after covering the soil 2-3 cm lower (to facilitate the later watering and ridge cultivation). At the same time, it is required to cover the soil strictly, and there should be no large soil clumps, so that a vacancy is formed around the sunflower seeds and affects the emergence quality.

Watering: The watering after sowing needs to be irrigated and fully watered. In principle, after watering in the ditch or hole before sowing, watering after sowing and covering the soil, but the seeds will be washed away.
Seedlings are first planted before planting: the requirements are basically the same as above. The sunflowers are designed to open holes deeper when planted, and after planting, water them and wait for the plants to grow before loosening the soil. This can also reduce sunflower plant lodging.