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Breeding methods and maintenance points of Fenghua rose

The flowering period of the Fenghua rose is longer, generally from the end of 5 to the beginning of 11, and the color of the flowers is also very rich. When it blooms, the floral fragrance is fragrant and pleasing. The rose has the characteristics of hardiness 0010010 nbsp; drought resistance, waterlogging and disease resistance, so it has a strong adaptability to the environment, and is often used in urban environments, greening, gardens, flower beds, highways, green belts, courtyards and other places. Here's how to grow the next rose.

Growth environment
Like ordinary plants, it likes light, likes warm and humid climate, like fertile soil, weak acid soil is more suitable for breeding. There are also many rose buds, which will bloom one after another in the growing season, less in the hot summer, and a lot of flowers after the cool autumn. Understand these, it is more worry-free!

In the spring and autumn seasons, the cuttings are better for cutting. Of course, cuttings can also be cut in the summer. Choose healthy branches with fully developed leaves for cuttings. Cut 10 cm long with 4 pieces Section, and then cut the lower end into a horseshoe shape or oblique shape, and then soak the root with an appropriate amount of rooting agent for 2-3 hours and then cutting, you can increase its survival rate.
Secondly, the soil can be made of nutrient soil, river sand perlite and other materials as a substrate. After cuttings are cut, water them properly and then covered with plastic cloth. During the period, pay attention to maintaining humidity and temperature. Open the plastic cloth for ventilation in the morning and evening, and then cover at noon Live, this is conducive to the shoots to take root. When the buds grow to 2 cm, it can be ventilated during the day about every 10 days, and then covered at night. After 60 days, it can be cultured normally.

Fertilizer and water management
Fenghua Rose does not have high requirements for fertility and moisture. The base fertilizer should be put enough, and the organic fertilizer is mixed with a suitable amount of compound fertilizer. When planting the rose, sufficient water should be poured to achieve slow plant seedlings. Before flowering, watering should be performed 1 times. During the dormant period after flowering, the amount of watering should be appropriately reduced. At other times, if the degree of drought is not high, watering can be omitted to reduce the length of the plant. After each flowering of the rose, it is necessary to add nutrients in time and add an appropriate amount of compound fertilizer.

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0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; { {0}} nbsp; Fenghua rose has better adaptability to pruning, can trim pruned weak branches in spring, which is good for plant growth and blooming; cut off residual flowers or over-dense branches in time during flowering, which is good for ventilation and light transmission; Pruning old branches with dead branches reduces old nutrients absorbed.