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Green seedlings and bushes have entered the peak sales season

Although it has already entered the spring, the professional cooperative of flower seedlings in Qingzhou Civic Park is very busy. The staff told reporters that they have not been idle recently, and they are starting every day. The main sales are green seedlings.

Due to the hot weather, the sales period of ground-grown seedlings has passed, but the sales period of the cluster seedlings is very long, even if it is planted in the spring, so now our cluster seedlings are selling very hot. At present, 50 — {{{1}} centimeters of cluster seedlings are 1. 4 per plant, mainly sold to Ningchun, Inner Mongolia, Hunan and Zhangjiakou Urban area.

Compared with ground-planted seedlings, tufted seedlings are much more troublesome, but judging from the market situation in recent years, everyone's recognition of tufted seedlings is still relatively high. After careful calculation, according to the current market, the net income per mu of green seedlings can reach 1 million. In the current situation, it can be said that it is very good. If we continue to expand and proliferate, we can meet the market demand.

The seedlings purchaser from Yiyang, Hunan told reporters that the cluster seedlings are easy to transport, have little loss, and have a high survival rate for transplanting. He received a greening project in a large park, and the contractor stipulates that cluster seedlings should be clustered. Although the cost is higher, the effect can be seen soon after planting. Now the contracting party is also grasping with both hands, one with cost reduction and the other with quality and effect. The prospect of bushy seedlings is good. The green seedlings and bushes of Qingzhou Civic Garden Professional Cooperative are of good quality, with a neat growth and well-developed root system, which can be called a good product.

The current price can be accepted by both supply and demand, but if the usage increases, the possibility of an increase is not ruled out, but it is estimated that the increase will not be too large.