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May the plantains live forever

In this season, the vegetables in the vegetable garden are green and yellow, and the garden is also a time of few flowers. The roses have almost bloomed, the honeysuckle has faded, and although the four seasons of Begonia is full of trees, it ca n’t stand up to the hot summer. The dwarf was submerged in flowers and trees ...

The cannabis plays the leading role in the garden. It has lush foliage and colorful flowers. The decorative embellishment enriches the colors and seasonal changes in the garden, making the garden landscape clear and beautiful. I didn't pay attention to when it grew, because it withered in winter.

Its flowering period is extra long, and it blooms from now until winter. I especially like the water drops on its leaves, which are crystal clear, like treasures. I also caress the pearls on this leaf and apply moisturized hands to my face. Ah, this is its temperature ...

Its leaves are easily damaged, and are often bitten off by insects before they are unfolded, or the leaves will wither when the air is polluted. Wonderfully, it will soon grow new leaves. Because the blades are easy to be injured and the reaction is more sensitive, they are called live monitors to monitor the environment polluted by harmful gases.

The leaves can extract aromatic oil, and the stem and leaf fibers can be used as raw materials for making artificial cotton, sacks, and ropes, and can be used to weave sacks and twist ropes.

There is a kind of mandarin duck canna in South America. Two colors of red and five-star brilliant yellow can be developed on the same flower stem. Even better, the red petals are dotted with bright yellow stars, and the five-star yellow petals are decorated with bright red spots. The plant is relatively short, with dense leaf nodes and large, dense green leaves. When it grows to four leaves, it can bloom.

Flower language: a bright future. Even recruit your son, stick to the end.

The severe cold in winter can make it wither, but its roots cannot die, the spring breeze blows, and new branches grow, and it is vigorous year after year. Just like burning a plantain, the heart will not die, just wait for the new branch. Persevere in the end and you will see a bright future.

Canna, may you live forever.