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  • Seasonal grass flower

    Seasonal grass flower

    Landscaping is the use of herbs and flowers to create landscapes, giving full play to the characteristics of herbaceous plants, and configur

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  • Green seedlings in Qingzhou

    Green seedlings in Qingzhou

    For the planting of green seedlings in Qingzhou, the plane position and specific height of the seedlings should be set according to the desi

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  • Ground Chrysanthemum

    Ground Chrysanthemum

    The planting management should choose to plant in sandy soil with good ventilation and drainage. The row spacing of the fixed plant is 30 cm

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  • Dianthus


    The flowers are colorful and the flowering period is also very long, which is more suitable for use as a nursery stock for gardening project

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  • Fenghua Rose

    Fenghua Rose

    Propagation: methods such as cutting, ramification and beading are available. Cuttings can be tender cuttings, hard cuttings and buds. Tende

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  • Flowers for flowers

    Flowers for flowers

    The Flower Sea is dominated by natural flower seas and artificial flower seas. It is a garden landscape full of flowers, symbolizing romance

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