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I have something to say about Sugen Flower Editor

Every 5 month, the Chelsea Flower Show, known as the Oscar of the gardening community, presents a visual feast for gardening to the world. Although the flower show in Chelsea, England 2018 has come to an end, it still attracts everyone's attention. Among them, in addition to some bright one-year or two-year flowers, there are also a lot of colorful perennial root flowers with long life and vigorous vitality , Is also an important material in the design of the flower landscape.

Perennial flowers refer to plants that can live for years to many years without woody stems. In fact, some species have some lignification at the base after many years of growth, but the upper part is still weak grassy. It should be called a subshrub, but it is also generally classified as a perennial root, such as chrysanthemum.

The editor said: Sugen is a perennial flower, the underground part is normal, and can survive for many years, it is relative to the bulb flower. Both perennial and bulbous flowers are perennial flowers.


(1) Cold-tolerant perennial roots: In the winter, the ground stems and leaves are completely dead, and the underground part enters the dormant state. Most of them have strong cold resistance. It is mainly produced in cold regions of thousand temperate zones, such as chrysanthemum, bellflower, and bellflower.

(2) Evergreen perennial roots: stems and leaves are still green in winter, but stop growing when the temperature is low, showing a semi-dormant state, dormancy is not clear when the temperature is appropriate, or the growth is only a little pause. The cold resistance is weak, and it is not allowed to spend the winter in the cold north. Mainly native to tropical, subtropical or temperate warm areas, such as arrowroot, Ophiopogon japonicus, cold water flower.

Key points for breeding and cultivation

(1) Breeding is dominated by vegetative reproduction, which is commonly used for ramification and cutting.

(2) Because it grows and blooms for many years after being planted for one time, the root system is also very strong. Therefore, when arranging the land, it is necessary to plough deeply to 40-50cm.

Application in gardens?

Perennial flowers are easy to use and economical, and can be viewed for many years at a time. Most types are not strict with the environment, and management is relatively simple and extensive. It can be used in flower fields, flower beds, flower clusters, etc.