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Problems in the planting base of flowers and plants for Huahai

The landscape planning and design are inadequate, the landscape function is not very good, the seasonality is distinct, and the benefit is relatively low.
Most flower-specific flower landscapes lack relevant landscape planning and design. There are few planting plants and few varieties, and a plant will be planted in a large area. Landscapes are formed in the form of large areas and large color blocks. There is no plan composition, color matching, and landscape design. It lacks spatial change, the viewing angle is single, it is spectacular from a distance, the soil is exposed from a close distance, and the landscape function is monotonous. At the same time, due to the short viewing period, it is mainly concentrated in the spring and summer seasons, and there is no four seasons of flowers blooming throughout the year. When the viewing season is overcrowded, the number of tourists will drop sharply after the flowering season. Seasonal comparison obvious. The limited construction model and plant species make the Huahai landscape only a single plant population, and do not form a better plant community in the sense that there is no spatial hierarchy and time continuity in the plant community, and the lack of landscape structure hierarchy Changes, the benefits are relatively low.

High maintenance and management costs and insufficient landscape sustainability
Most of the flower-specific landscape plants for flowers and seas choose 1, 2 annual herbaceous flowers. In order to achieve the expected landscape function, it is necessary to control the spacing of the plants. In order to maintain the long-term nature of the landscape, it is necessary to change the plant types regularly In addition, during each period of plant growth, more detailed maintenance management such as watering, fertilization, weeding, and pest and disease protection should be carried out, which increases the maintenance cost. Therefore, sometimes the landscape function is better in the early stage, but due to negligence of management or failure to replace plant species in the later stage, landscape sustainability is not formed, and some Huahai landscapes adopt extensive management models in order to reduce costs. Less than expected landscape effect.

The supporting facilities are not perfect, the management is not standardized, and the service is not good
With the rise and development of leisure agriculture and sightseeing agriculture industry, the combination of flower production and ornamental and tourism in the special flower landscape of Huahai is becoming more mature and perfect. This requires the construction of various supporting facilities and the provision of corresponding management service personnel.