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How are all the blooming rose flowers planted?

How did the rose blooms grow?

You have to choose a variety with a large enough bloom. Regardless of whether it is a novice Xiaobai, if you want to plant rose flowers, the first choice is the {Flower volume 0010010 amp; fast growing 0010010 amp; good plant type> Fenghua rose. As a flower rich man in the rose, a flower seedling can open dozens of flowers, allowing you to feel the sense of accomplishment brought by the abundant bud volume.

Summing up many years of planting experience, Xiaobian will give you Amway a few varieties that are easy to grow standard effects!

Summer fireworks are heat-resistant, diligent and large

Also called orange-red, so named because of its similar color to salmon. It continues the pink cute and cute, and has a layer of orange tone, which will not make people feel too sweet and very fresh.

Some rose varieties have this color, such as summer fireworks.

In summer, when the temperature is slightly lower in early spring and late autumn, the standard salmon pink will appear. The full and sturdy flowers are reddish overall, with a rich color, and they are full of vitality.

When the high temperature and midsummer, under the support of excellent heat resistance, it does not reduce the amount of flowers, the frequency of flowering is still very high, but the color changes to a light pale pink, a glance at the nursery is a dream of pink sea. This name determines that it is the protagonist of summer ~

To be precise, the fireworks in summer are rose bushes. But because its branching is so good, the flowering is also very good, and the amount of flowers is very large throughout the year, so we give it to everyone as a flower.

For novices, it also has a good feature: resistance to pruning. Do n’t be afraid of pruning.