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Analysis of Huahai Project

The Huahai Project is a natural landscape or garden landscape full of flowers. The sea of ​​flowers is composed of many densely blooming flowers and trees. When people look far, they can't see the edge, just like the sea. When the wind blows, the flowers will rise and fall, just like the waves, so named.

Natural seas of flowers often appear on grasslands, forest edges, and rivers.

The artificial flower sea originated from the famous lavender garden in Provence, the Dutch tulip flower sea, the Bulgarian rose valley and other industrial processing and bulb production bases.

How to design Huahai landscape

The Huahai Project does not lie in its scale, but in the richness of its content and the intention of planning and construction. Xiaohuahai is convenient for management, standardization and chain operation. Xiaohuahai can make profits as soon as possible and can drive large industries; but Xiaohuahai also has defects: due to its small size and insufficient capacity to accommodate tourists, due to its small size and low threshold, it is easy to be copied and surpassed .

In Zhangping, Longyan, Fujian, tens of thousands of cherry trees are scattered in the tea garden. In the Sakura Tea Garden, local literati and poets meet in twos, or play piano, poetry, and taste tea. They are everywhere, also known as "tea garden cherry blossoms", but there is no ticket. However, it promotes the sale of local flowers and tea. During the cherry blossom season, food festivals are held, and tourists come and go. This place serves as a platform to achieve a win-win situation between economy and ecology. Therefore, there is a Sakura Sea subsidy every year.