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Qingzhou green seedlings pruning attention

  0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; As plants grow and need to be pruned, how to prune well, how to operate? Let's take a look at the pruning of green seedlings in Qingzhou with the professional cooperatives of flowers and seedlings in Qingzhou Civic Park!

  1. The order of pruning green seedlings should not be cut randomly and without thinking, and should be cut in the order of "from base to tip, from inside to outside", that is, the whole green seedlings should be repaired Which form is then gradually trimmed upwards from the base of the main branch from the inside out.

  2. The height of street trees on the same road should be basically the same, and the branch height of adjacent plants with green seedlings should be about the same.

  3. For large branches that are too stout, a segmentation method should be adopted to reduce cracks.

  4. Due to the influence of street direction, high-rise buildings and underground pipelines, green seedlings are often crowned and tilted, and the center of gravity should be adjusted as soon as possible. The branches with weaker growth potential should be lightly sheared as long as there is no conflict with overhead lines or buildings to achieve the purpose of easing tree vigor and balancing growth.

  5. The pruning of green seedlings should abide by the safety and operation standards to reduce safety and safety accidents. At the same time, pay attention to the safety of passing pedestrians and nearby buildings.