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Introduction of Chithana Base

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp;Thousand celandineIt is a perennial herb. It grows mostly in swamps and river banks, and the Irish gave it a warm and strange name: the lost child by the lake, I think it may be because it is not a collective plant, but a kind of other plant The mixed plant is like a child lost in the crowd.

Chithana at the base of Chithana is called 禊 萩 in Japanese, and 千 來 菜 is 繊 萊 Hagi. Ogi stands for Hu Zhizi in Japanese, and is one of the relatively famous autumn seven grasses. Hu Zhizi is a leguminous plant with beautiful red and purple flowers. The inflorescences are long and swaying. The word 禊 also comes from China. In ancient China, it meant the sacrifices held by the water in the spring and autumn to remove ominous. This meaning is also used in Japanese. It should be noted that in August the Bon Festival, there is the custom of picking Guangqin. It is said that Guangqiancao was put in the water and served in front of the Buddha.

Chithana at the base of Chithana in Japanese means that it has both the beauty of a twig and the auspiciousness, which is much stronger than the wild vegetable used for fruit belly in Chinese meaning. In our country, many wildflowers carry vegetable characters in their names, which is probably a characteristic of the farming nation. And Jin Meiling's poem, with a little sadness. Thousands of celandine just opened in July and August, is the early autumn, is also the ancestral bon festival. The dew that went to the distant sea could never go back to Qianqiancai. In this way, the lychee with different meanings is the wildflower that is more suitable for this little poem.
Thousand celandine in the celandine base can be arranged in shallow water beside the lake and river. If planted on a regular stone shore, it can block the dull shoreline. The flowering period is long, the color is gorgeous, the flake plant has a strong brilliant dyeing power, and the pot planting effect is also good. It can also be placed in the garden for potted viewing, and can also be used for cutting flowers.