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Raiders of cultivated green seedlings in Qingzhou

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; { {0}} nbsp; With the increase in the construction of the environment, the demand for green seedlings everywhere is increasing. Many nurseries in the production process of seedlings lack the scientific guidance or are affected by short-term behaviors, which results in the seedlings cultivated in their own nurseries being of low quality, thereby missing market opportunities.
One question people are very concerned about is, how can we cultivate ideal and good green seedlings? Relevant people believe that the success or failure of seedling transplantation is the key to whether the nursery can cultivate ideal and good green seedlings, so it needs careful planning, scientific transplantation and strengthened later management.
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Transplantation preparation of green seedlings in Qingzhou
According to the principle of suitable places and suitable trees, when selecting seedling varieties, generally, native tree species should be used instead of blindly selecting foreign tree species and exotic tree species. Pay attention to 3 points in seedling selection:
One is to cultivate seedlings with wide adaptability and better resistance
Because the air in cities and highways is relatively dry, the environmental pollution is relatively heavy, and the soil is multi-consolidated, and the site conditions are poor. Therefore, when used in these places, those tree species that are resistant to cold, heat, drought, humidity, disease, insects and pollution will have relative benefits.

Second, the specifications of seedlings should be suitable
In urban greening, small trees are usually about 2. 5-3.0 cm and 4 cm, and middle trees are about 5-6 cm and 8 cm The chest diameter of large trees is preferably 7-9 cm and 10-16 cm.
The third is to cultivate foreign varieties carefully
At the same time, all preparations before transplantation should be done, such as planting holes, personnel arrangement, tools and equipment, pruning of seedlings, packaging materials, transportation, etc., so that mutual cooperation and clear division of labor can be achieved to ensure the orderly execution of various tasks.
Scientific transplantation
The transplanting period of green seedlings in Qingzhou should generally be set in early spring, avoiding the midsummer and cold winter seasons. However, in late autumn after falling leaves and before the soil freezes, transplantation is also possible due to the dormancy of the tree trunk.
Large seedlings are usually excavated manually by soft material packaging. For evergreen tree species, try to bring the earth ball as much as possible, its size is generally 6-8 times the tree's breast diameter, and pay attention to retaining as much root system as possible; and deciduous tree species usually do crown recutting in the dormant period, bare root transplantation, The root system should be kept as much as possible. Pruning and transportation of large seedlings is a necessary part of large seedling transplantation, which is directly related to the survival and beautiful growth of large seedlings.

Deciduous tree species can be pruned according to tree shape requirements. Generally, it is appropriate to cut off 30%-50% of branches and leaves. Perform trimming. For evergreen tree species, the complete shape of the crown of the tree should be maintained. The overdense branches, overlapping branches, and dead branches should be properly trimmed. The roots do not need to be trimmed because of the earth ball. The transportation of large seedlings should be mainly mechanical and supplemented by humans, and the branches and roots of large seedlings should not be damaged during the whole process.
0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Care should be taken to maintain the humidity of the dry skin during the transplantation of Qingzhou green seedlings. Generally, the trunk is completely wrapped with straw rope and sprayed frequently to achieve the goal. If conditions permit, it can be shaded in the hot summer; after the seedlings are planted, the brackets should be fixed to prevent the wind from slanting, and can be removed after the next year's growth is stable. Green seedlings generally refer to flowers and trees used for green construction, and have a broader meaning. Urban construction is inseparable from greening, and greening is inseparable from seedlings. Greening seedlings is an important part of the greening project, and most provinces in China are supplied with seedlings.