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Cannabis base talks about its cultivation strategy

There are two kinds of canna that we commonly see are yellow and red. Of course there is also a canna. Its flower color is both red and yellow. It is a more precious canna variety. Now the improved dwarf canna will have pink flowers and the leaves of the canna. And the growth is a bit similar to the banana tree, it may be that it is called canna.
The planting range of the canna in the canna base is relatively wide in China. Basically, this plant will be seen in the north and south regions. In China, it is generally used for greening parks or beautifying courtyards. The potted cannabis gradually grew, because the people who put it in the room did not lose some foliage plants, and its flower color was more bright, and the difficulty of planting was easier, but many people have not been exposed to indoor planting. Below I will teach you a few tips for potting canna, hoping that everyone can grow bright and beautiful canna.

Coup One: Illumination; Since the canna is a tropical plant, it requires light. We put it outdoors or on the balcony to let it receive the light, so that the leaves will be more shiny, and the flowers are more bright, but the canna It is relatively cold, so it should be put back indoors at night. Cannabis can basically receive light throughout the year. Even under temperatures and light of more than 35 degrees, it can survive better. Of course, it needs to be placed in heat when blooming Light indoor planting will increase its flower opening time.

Trick 2: Soil matching; the canna in the canna base has no requirements for soil, it is suitable for sandy soil, and cohesive soil can also survive better. This is why we can see it in China regardless of the north and south, potted words It is necessary to choose fertile peat soil and then mix it with garden soil and river sand to achieve its growth. Potted cannabis are generally short rods. Not only the environment is more suitable but the flowering period is longer, it is more suitable for our family potted plants.

Trick 3: suitable temperature; the canna in the canna base is a plant that loves heat and fears cold. It is a growing season in spring, summer, and autumn, and it is generally a more suitable temperature between 15-3 and 5 degrees. In summer, the temperature is too high. Shade in time. Otherwise, the leaves will be sunburned and some yellow spots will appear. Canna is a plant that blooms basically all year round, so it is more suitable to be placed at home. The flowers do not bloom for a long time, and can be placed in a cool place with a lower temperature, so that the flowers will grow vigorously for a relatively long time. In winter, it is the time to test the canna, because it is a tropical plant Insulation treatment is likely to freeze to death, we need to put the canna in a warmer area of ​​the home, so as to make it more stable through the winter. These are the 3 tips for potted canna. Have you learned it?