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Characteristics of seasonal grass flowers

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; grass flowers refer to herbaceous flowers. With their characteristics, they have gradually become a force in garden plants, and have good ornamental value and decorative effect in garden greening. Combined with ground-covering plants, it can increase the effect of ground cover, and can form a flat structure faster, which is getting more and more attention. Characteristics of seasonal grass flowers:

One is colorful:

In addition to their green leaves, they also have emerald blue, white, gold, red, yellow or milky white stripes and other variegated colors. Their inflorescences are also distinctive, with colors such as green, gold, reddish brown, reddish purple, silvery white, and greenish red, and even a variety of color conversion features. Their colors are diverse, so when greening and beautifying the environment, they provide people with greater choice.

The second is more types:

At present, the available seasonal grass flowers are roughly divided into two categories: traditional varieties and introduced cultivars. The traditional varieties have a string of red, pansy, dianthus, beauty cherry, canna, sunflower, snapdragon and so on. Because of the long application time, it is familiar to people. Among the excellent cultivars introduced from abroad, everyone is familiar with Hemerocallis hybrida, hybrid geranium, dwarf sunflower, African impatiens, etc.

The third is strong adaptability:

It should be noted that some annual flowers have the ability to propagate themselves. Perennial wildflowers do not need to be sown and can be planted for 3-5 years. The cost of planting, cultivation and maintenance is low, the variety of flower color is varied, and the three seasons of spring, summer and autumn can bloom continuously. Can be used in squares, parks, roads, courtyards and residential areas.

In garden construction, evergreen plants are rich in resources. They are low, dense, close to the ground, and have a strong negative tolerance, which can not only retain water and fertilizer, but also maintain good physical and chemical properties of the soil. Importantly, seasonal grass flowers can increase the landscape characteristics of modern gardens, and can be better applied to the design and layout of large and small gardens. They are receiving more and more attention and become a good ecological environment for urban construction and beautification. Scientifically configuring important plant materials for homes through artistic means, showing the value and characteristics of herbal flowers in garden greening and beautification, and exerting their landscape effectiveness.