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Roses planted on the balcony

  0010010 nbsp; Introduce a wave of unique color rose flowers to the family, of course, it is still more suitable for balcony party planting, let ’s take a look:


This is a large flower rose cultivated by Cordes in 2005. The blue-blue rose has a characteristic blue-purple color. Some are like the changed version of the blue storm. Large, its flowers are clustered open, a variety of flowers. This rose is more resistant to high temperatures, and its flower patterns and colors are more stable in the summer. There is no lightening of the color due to high temperature. It is suitable for planting flowers in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan and other places.

And he has better disease resistance, thick and strong growth, and the flowers will not be small. The micro-blue plant is considered to be relatively tall in the Fenghua rose, about 1 meters-1. 2 meters, do n’t worry about the balcony party, we can still control its planting height by trimming Within 90 centimeters.


The sapphire rose is short, at a height of about 60 cm, so it is also called 0010010 quot; Diamond Rose 0010010 quot. Its flower volume is relatively large, it belongs to a long rose, and it is easy to burst pots. It is also a diligent flower that blooms throughout the year. It can be burst into a flower ball by trimming.

Sapphire is a strong fragrance of rose, the color is also relatively strange, the petals are fuchsia, the stamens are golden yellow, very elegant.

Earth Blue

Earth Blue is also a relatively short rose flower with a plant height of about 40 cm. It can grow well with small flower pots. This rose is a kind of blue rose that the flower maiden prefers. His flower is light blue and the shape is a wine glass. It also has a light lilac smell and is more elegant.

Although its plants are relatively short, the size of the flowers is about 8 cm. The important thing is that his disease resistance is better, and the growth rate is also very fast, so it is a better Qinhua. Variety to be planted by the balcony party.