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How to raise the ground chrysanthemum

The method of conserving the ground cover chrysanthemum is shared with everyone, and I hope to help everyone.

One: soil. Let's talk about conserving chrysanthemum first. This kind of chrysanthemum is selected for the soil. So relatively speaking, we should choose the kind of sandy soil to conserve chrysanthemum. At the same time, we must ensure its looseness and good drainage of potted soil. If we use the cutting method, then we must guarantee the stretch of its whole plant. At the same time, we must ensure that the potting soil is compacted by hand when cutting. After potting, we need to water and pour it, and place it in a ventilated place while curing. The temperature is generally controlled from 15 degrees Celsius to {{ 1}} degrees Celsius, then this temperature is suitable for the growth environment of chrysanthemum.

Two: fertilize. While conserving chrysanthemum, we also need to fertilize it regularly, so as to ensure its vigorous growth. The ground cover chrysanthemum is like a kind of fertilizer. You can choose some decomposed manure fertilizer and a small amount of bone meal or superphosphate to use it to fertilize it. Then the chrysanthemum is growing. At the beginning, we can fertilize some urea, and then the chrysanthemum has entered the period of starting germination and flower buds, we can fertilize it with some phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizers.

Three: watering. So in most cases, we need to maintain the principle of watering some flowers and plants, that is, do not dry or not water, when the dry water should be watered, at the same time, when we water it, choose morning or evening At this time, when the temperature is low, watering it will not cause its flowers and leaves to be burned. At the same time, the bottom of the pot that protects the chrysanthemum must not have a large area of ​​water, and the water cannot be drained, then it may cause its roots to rot, and We also need to put it in a place where there is much sunlight. In summer, because the strong sunlight cannot be placed in the sun, we can put the chrysanthemum in a cool place, or move it to the house for maintenance, and the morning At that time, the sunlight came out. We can move out in time to let the ground chrysanthemum absorb the sunlight of nature.