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Groundcover Juxiang Sheng Beijing

Ground chrysanthemum varieties were introduced into the Northeast for large-scale planting trials, filling the market gap.

This variety is a good choice for National Day flowers. Every National Day, she can see her rich and beautiful flowers in the squares and chrysanthemum exhibitions in various parks, showing the prosperity and harmony of the motherland.

The ground cover chrysanthemum is lush, the plant type is naturally formed, the plant height is about 60 cm, the round crown is about 80 cm, the color is rich, the pattern is beautiful, the flowering period is long, the amount of flowers is large, the light is hardy and cold resistant Drought-saving water, no choice of soil, low maintenance cost, benefited from planting for many years, greatly reduced labor costs, can be exposed to open winter in low temperature areas in the north, it is very suitable for the greening and beautification requirements in the northeast. It is also a good flower for the beautification of urban and rural gardens, the beautification of developers' real estate, and the planting of family villa courtyards.

It can not only bring sensory pleasure, people can also drink and pick the authentic chrysanthemum tea that is brewed directly in the northeast while watching.

From   9 Month 20 to 23, the Liaoning Agricultural Expo and the 19th Shenyang Agricultural Expo are held at the Shenyang International Exhibition Center. 10 More than one new variety made a wonderful appearance at the Agricultural Fair, which has won the attention and praise of the majority of people in Liaoning, Shenyang and gardening and flowers. In order to increase the income of farmers, it plays a role in boosting the urban environment.

Tian Liao, Ning, Ju Xiang Sheng Jing. The ground cover chrysanthemum has been well received by gardening and flower personnel, and has been loved by the majority of people in Liaoning and Shen.