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Thousand Qu Vegetable Base Talking about Lost Children by the Lake

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; I want to introduce a lonely guardian in the plant, the celandine of the celandine base, because I think that each of us is actually The lonely guardian guards the small ideal oasis deep in his heart.
I do n’t know if you have heard of Qianqincai. I found this thing in some parks and lakes at home before. Maybe you have seen it but you do n’t know it is called Qianqinca.
When I glanced at the past purple, I was mistaken for something similar to lavender. Nowadays, most of the lavender in the park is mostly willow verbena.
Lavender of the Labiatae family, chrysanthemum inflorescence, usually with 6-10 flowers, mostly, gathered at the top of the branch into intermittent or nearly continuous spikes.

Verbena officinalis
Verbena, a verbena plant with spikes terminal or axillary, slender like a whip; flowers small, corolla lilac or blue.
Thousand celandine's flower language is "lonely". It usually grows in lonely and quiet places such as river banks, swamps or wet grasslands. It is called "the lost child by the lake" in Ireland. Thin, lonely and desolate like a lost child.
The flowers of the celandine are bright in color, and the flowering period is long. From summer to late autumn, you can always see it standing on the riverside with a string of full flowers, like a lonely watchman on the riverside.
Thousand celandine is a perennial herb, each plant is a separate stem, and the whole plant is green. When you look closely, it will be covered with fluff and the stem is quadrangular; small flowers form a cyme, and carefully look at its flowers There are many wrinkles. I feel more like fake flowers than real flowers.

Most of the time, the celandine in the celandine base is opened alone on the riverside, without the companionship of other aquatic plants, and few people stop to watch on the riverside. It alone guards its own small oasis. We are very similar in this world. Most of the time we are actually a lonely individual. We ourselves have our own ideal small oasis, an oasis that will not be touched by others.
I used to think that it ’s cool to come here in Japan. I ’ll leave it to later, as long as you work hard. The more you understand the impermanence of the world, the more things you start to do now you will find many wonderful things.