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Canna aquaculture technology

Canna is a perennial herb, likes high warmth and heat, and is not cold-resistant; it likes sunshine and half shade; it likes humid environment, it is afraid of dry heat, stagnant water and strong wind; cultivation is preferably loose and fertile sandy loam.

Breeding technology

  1. Sowing

Seedlings can be sown and raised in South China from 4 to 5 months. Due to its hard seed coat, the seed coat needs to be abraded before sowing or soaked in warm water at 30 ℃ for 2 4 hours. After sowing, it should be covered with mulching film to keep the germination at 2 5 ℃ Warm, it will germinate in 20 ~ 30 days. The real seedlings can bloom in the same year, but they are not suitable for raising seedlings such as 'Golden Leaf Green Vein', 'Colorful', etc., but only for general seedlings such as canna and purple-leaf canna.

  2. Ramets

You can dig up the ground plants before germination in early spring and cut their thick and horizontal rhizomes. Each section is planted with 2 ~ 3 buds or potted plants. In the northern region, the rhizomes stored in indoor sand in winter can be taken out in 4 month, cut into sections, and several buds can be planted or potted in each section. {4}} cm, the depth of potted soil is about 5 cm. In the Jiangnan area, young plants with rhizomes can be cut from the clumped plants in the spring, summer, autumn and other seasons, and they can be planted separately or potted, which is simple and easy.