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Appreciate beautiful aquatic canna

Aquatic canna, the name knows that this flower is very beautiful, but in fact it is really beautiful. When spring blooms in full bloom, it also joins in and blooms flowers as bright as the sun. The place of origin is South America, also known as Florida Canna. It is an ornamental flower, which is often used in roads, car parks, wetlands, and plant greening. It has strong anti-pollution ability and purification ability, and plays an important role in garden greening. The following editors will introduce to you, and accompanied by its pictures for appreciation.

Morphological characteristics

Perennial large herbaceous plant, plant height 1 ~ 2 m; leaf blade long lanceolate, blue-green; raceme terminal, many flowers; stamen petaled; flower diameter large, about {{0 }} 0 cm; the flowers are yellow, red or pink; the flowering period in temperate regions is 4 ~ 1 0 months, the tropical and subtropical regions bloom all year round; the aerial parts die in winter in temperate regions, root-like The stem enters the dormant period, and the tropical and subtropical areas are evergreen all year round. The difference between aquatic canna and other species in morphology and biological characteristics is that the rhizomes are small, the internodes are long, and are resistant to flooding. They can grow normally in 20 cm deep water.

Ecological habits

The nature is relatively strong, the adaptability is very strong, like light, afraid of strong wind, suitable for growth in wet and shallow water, fertile soil or sandy soil can grow well. The suitable temperature for growth is 15 ~ 28 ℃, below 10 ℃ is not conducive to growth. In the period of no dormancy in the place of origin, it grows and blooms on its anniversary, and dormant in winter in the cold north. The rhizomes need to be protected in the greenhouse for the winter.

It has many varieties, and by the beginning of the 19 century, there were nearly a thousand varieties. Common varieties are: large flowers, characterized by large flowers, yellow, orange, red, etc .; pink, small flowers, yellow with red spots, also known as red leaves, large flowers, red, stem and leaves are purple . The fruit is a slightly spherical capsule with nodular protrusions, and the seeds are black and hard.