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Preparation of colorful dianthus planting

Colorful carnations have a long flowering period and can bloom from May to October and last for about six months. People can watch this kind of flower for a long time. It is a common flower variety in landscaping. It not only has a long flowering period, but also has a variety of colors. When it blooms, it is particularly beautiful and highly ornamental.

This kind of flower is not difficult to grow. It has strong adaptability and can be planted everywhere. It has strong cold resistance and low soil requirements, but it is not heat-resistant and afraid of waterlogging. It is not suitable for growth in high-temperature and high-humidity environments. Therefore, they are generally planted in spring and autumn. The mild climate in these two seasons helps the seeds to germinate. This flower is suitable for planting in a place with sufficient sunlight and good drainage, because such an environment can make the flowers bloom more and more brightly.

Colorful carnations are usually planted by sowing, so seeds play an important role in their growth and flowering, so strict seed screening is required. When purchasing seeds, carefully select fresh, mature, and high-quality seeds. Sowing with this seed can greatly increase the germination rate, make the flowers larger, and form an excellent ornamental effect.

Before planting, the land should be prepared. Weeding, plowing and fertilizing in the planting area. Then level the soil carefully and then plant the seeds. Its seeds are relatively small and can be sown directly. It should be shallower. After sowing, it should be covered with a thin layer of soil and properly watered. Before emergence, the soil should be kept moist. The temperature should be controlled at about 20 degrees, and seedlings can emerge in about a week.

The flowering period of colorful dianthus is from 5 to 10 months, and the viewing period is very long. After planting, a fairly stable flower landscape can be formed. This flower has many colors, such as bright red, pink, white, purple, yellow, blue, etc., there are many small and many flowers that grow densely. After blooming, the flowers are dazzling. Colorful, it is very suitable for planting in flower beds, flower borders and sea of ​​flowers, can also be planted as potted plants, it is very beautiful to watch.

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