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On the selection and variety of seasonal grass flowers

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The grass flower in the road greening has a strong function of decoration and beautification, can enrich the layers and colors between plants, and has the dual functions of protection and appreciation. Only by adhering to the principles of adapting grass flowers to local conditions and selecting suitable varieties can we do more with less. Good grass flowers should achieve the following conditions.
Rich colors, bright colors, good ornamental, less pests; low plants, better clumpiness, robust growth, neat corolla, uniform flowering period, longer flowering time; faster growth, extensive management, better adaptability, tolerance Transplant, suitable for open field cultivation and large-scale production; easy to breed, low cost, stable characters, easy to popularize and apply.

Common varieties of seasonal grass flowers
There are many varieties of grass flowers, which can be roughly divided into two categories: local traditional varieties and imported fine varieties. Traditional local varieties such as Thousand-red Crocus, Spike Crown, Cockscomb, Sunflower, Coleus, Canna, etc. have stable traits, good adaptability, easy planting and breeding, and are familiar to people. In recent years, the introduction of cultivated fine varieties has been increasing day by day, and the promotion and application are good. The varieties have a bunch of red, marigold, dianthus, African impatiens, petunia, pansy, snapdragon, etc., with bright colors, neat flowering and high yield , F 1 generation traits are stable, but the cultivation technique is stronger and breeding is more difficult. F 2 generation traits vary greatly.

Seasonal grass flowers are used in road greening, most of them are one-year or two-year-old herbaceous plants, and a few are perennial grass flowers. Among them, there are more flower-viewing classes, followed by leaf-viewing classes, and fewer fruit-viewing classes. The color choices of flowers are mainly warm colors such as yellow, orange, and red, giving people a lively, pleasant, and exciting feeling; on the contrary, quiet, elegant, calm blue, purple and other cool colors are not widely used.
Grass flowers are mostly seasonal seasonal flowers. Long-term replacement requires large investment. It is not easy to continue without adequate human, material and financial support. When landscaping or arranging flower landscapes on a large scale, it is recommended to choose local perennial perennial root flowers, which have good resistance, low cost and good results; high requirements for flower beds or temporary flower placement, and excellent grass and flower varieties can be selected. With the increase of the proportion of grass flowers in urban beautification, flowers landscaping will play a larger role in building a harmonious ecological environment and creating a good urban landscape.