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The development trend of green seedlings in Qingzhou

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; After more than 30 years of rapid development in China ’s landscaping business, garden seedlings are in terms of production scale, types and varieties, specifications and quality, etc. It has reached a considerable level. The future of nursery stock production not only restricts the development direction of garden greening, but also determines the quality level of garden greening.

There are three major trends in the development of greening seedlings in Qingzhou:

One of the trends is: the demand for high quality seedlings.

The second trend is that there is a dumbbell-shaped shape in the production of seedlings and the demand for gardens. In general, there is a large surplus of seedlings and large-scale cargo seedlings, which does not match the large demand for garden greening.

The third trend is: the production of diversified seedlings for the needs of landscaping should develop in the direction of diversity.

From the overall situation, there are three major mainstreams and multiple features in garden seedling production:

Three mainstream

Mainstream 1: The large demand for high-quality seedlings in the construction of public gardens and green spaces.

Mainstream 2: The construction of important landscape nodes and the construction of villa gardens have a large demand for modeling trees.

Mainstream 3: Ecological projects (including abandoned mining areas, country parks, village and town greening, etc.) have a large demand for native plants (trees).

Several specializations of green seedlings in Qingzhou

Feature one: The need for container (large) seedlings and the growing popularity of container greening.

Feature two: The development of conifer gardens and the increasing demand for conifer seedlings.

Feature three: The increase in the demand for fruit trees for family gardens. Fruit trees can not only observe fruits, but also can observe flowers, and the shape of trees is diverse, which is an ideal landscaping material. Most fruit trees are endowed with culture (personality) by people; fruit trees can be harvested after the fruit is ripe, giving people a sense of accomplishment. It should be noted that harvesting after organic cultivation, people do not need to worry about food safety; fruit trees The demand for materials in the future garden greening and villa gardening will increase; the varieties include hawthorn, pomegranate, jujube, persimmon, loquat, citrus, begonia, apple, pear and so on.

Feature 4: The resistance to different green spaces is better, the growth is slow, and the demand for low-maintenance tree species increases. Tree species with better resistance: resistance to drought and barrenness, etc .; slow-growing tree species: slow-growing tree species will become greening materials for roof gardens, rock gardens, etc .; low-maintenance tree species: the demand for low-maintenance tree species in conservation-oriented gardens. Generally, the characteristics of slow growth and low maintenance can be concentrated on the same tree species, such as wattles.

Feature 5: The demand for flowering and colorful (beautifying) trees is increasing.

The development process of green seedlings in Qingzhou is: from greening, to beautification and aromatization, and then to green space culture. At present, the greening and greening levels of many cities in China are relatively high. The next step is to increase the artistic level of garden green space, which is beautification (colorization). In addition to the design level, the increase in the level of beautification is the extensive use of flowering and colorful plants. Breeding and utilization of flowering trees; colorful leaf plants include colorful leaves, colorful spots, colorful edges, colorful stems, etc.

Feature 6: Increasing demand for fragrant flowers and fragrant leaf trees. "Bird language floral fragrance" is a summary of the ideal human settlement (garden) environment. "Bird language" refers to the rich diversity of animals and plants. "Floral fragrance" refers to the visual effect of garden greenery. It also includes foliage and fruity aromas.

Those with floral fragrances such as plum blossom, magnolia, clove, rose, osmanthus, smile, etc .; those with branch fragrances such as toon, laurel, eucalyptus, etc .; those with fruity fragrance such as papaya and grapefruit.

Feature 7: The large demand for ground cover plants. Increase of garden greening → ground cover plants; protection of ecological environment → ground cover plants. The demand for wood cover plants will increase.

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