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The application of Qingzhou green seedlings in garden design

  0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Grass flowers refer to herbaceous flowers. With their characteristics, they can increase the effectiveness of surface coverage and can form a planar structure, which has attracted more and more attention. The application of Qingzhou green seedlings in garden design:

  1 Cover the open ground and form a landscape as soon as possible.

"Building an ecological home" is a common saying in today's society. The establishment of a humanized ecological home requires careful design. The configuration of evergreen grasses, trees, and shrubs is a common design method that combines “trees, shrubs, and grass”. Only by exerting their respective functions can multi-level green spaces be formed, which can not only use the land, but also cover the exposed soil under trees and shrubs, beautify the environment and form a good visual landscape.

  2, rich landscape.

The growth of green seedlings in Qingzhou is generally low, and it has good plasticity in the garden. It can be used more in gardens. The colors are colorful, forming rich plane and elevation patterns with trees and shrubs. The level of plants on the greening surface of the garden is increased, and it is configured as a vivid picture with high ornamental value. In addition, due to the bright colors of grass flowers, there are conspicuous colors and seasonal changes, which can greatly enrich the ornamental value of garden green spaces.

  3 Improve the environment and save water.

As ground cover plants, green grass and flowers are arranged into flower beds and styles, increasing the amount of urban greening and thus purifying the air. Many grass flowers, such as celosia, goldfish, petunia, etc., can absorb harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, and chlorine. Herbal leaf plants are mostly shallow-rooted plants, and their roots tightly grasp the soil, so that the phenomenon of surface soil loss does not occur.

  4, good soil physical and chemical properties and fertility.

Because the root system of evergreen broad-leaved plants promotes the proliferation and activity of rhizosphere microorganisms, improves the physical and chemical properties and fertility of the soil, forms a large number of aggregate structures, balances the air and moisture in the soil, has good infiltration, and is also beneficial to their Normal growth and development.

  5, Coordinate the relationship between people and the environment.

To beautify the garden or residential area with green seedlings in Qingzhou, and cover the ground with evergreen leafy grass, which is helpful to remove or reduce people's visual fatigue. The use of evergreen greenery plants to cover the exposed ground greatly shortens the distance the noise passes through the ground, and at the same time absorbs and reduces the noise, which plays a role in protecting people's hearing.

In garden construction, evergreen plants are rich in resources. They are short and compact, close to the ground, and have a strong negative tolerance. Green grass flowers can not only retain water and fertilizer, but also maintain good physical and chemical properties of the soil. Importantly, they can increase the landscape characteristics of modern gardens and can be better applied to the design and layout of large and small gardens.