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New favorite garden roots and green flowers

Perennial flowers are flowers that can overwinter in the soil and germinate, grow, bloom and sow in the spring of the following year.

Perennial flowers are perennial flowers suitable for the climate characteristics of China. A large number of wild flowers and garden flowers can be safely managed through winter and summer. The development and utilization of these resources is an important way for the harmonious development of man and nature in urban greening and the formation of plant diversity in beautification. Perennial flowers have stronger vitality than one-year or two-year-old grass flowers, and they are water-saving, drought-resistant, labor-saving, and easy to manage. Reasonably matched varieties can achieve the goal of "three seasons with flowers", which can better reflect the rationality of urban greening development and natural plant resources Configuration.

The main cultivated species of perennial flowers are: Paeonia lactiflora, Dianthus caryophylla, funnel vegetables, purpurea, hollyhock, azure hydrangea, lily of the valley, hosta, shegan, iris, etc. There are many types, rich and gorgeous colors, and good adaptability. Once planted, it can be watched for many years.

The advantage of perennial flowers is that they are easy to reproduce and manage. They can bloom for many years within a year. It is a suitable plant material for urban greening and beautification. The underground part of the plant survives in winter without forming large spherical or massive roots, and can still germinate and bloom for many years the following spring. Most are ecotypes in cold regions. Can be divided into two categories of cold hardiness and cold hardiness. The former can be planted in the open, the latter needs to be cultivated in the greenhouse. It mainly reproduces in ramets, usually in the dormant period. Varieties with few new shoots can be propagated through cuttings and grafting. Seed propagation is often used to breed new varieties.

  1 The application range is relatively wide, and it can be used in garden landscapes, courtyards, roadsides, riversides, slopes, etc. to local greening.

  2. One planting can be viewed in multiple places, and it is convenient, economical, and can save a lot of manpower and material resources.

  3. Most varieties have strict requirements on environmental conditions and can be managed extensively.

  4, there are many varieties, the plant type is short and high, the flowering period and the flower color change greatly, the time is long, the color is rich and bright.

  5, many varieties have a strong ability to purify the environment and resist pollution and medicinal value.

  6, some perennial flower varieties are good materials for cut flowers, potted flowers and dried flowers.