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Sugen Flower Base

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Sugen Flower BaseThe types of perennial flowers are different. Some species have lignified at the base after many years of growth. Some are plants that can live for several years or even many years without wooden stems. But the upper part will show a relatively weak grassy shape, this kind is called sub-shrub, but it is also generally classified as perennial flowers, such as chrysanthemum. Perennial flowers are colorful, fragrant and pleasant, pleasing to the eye, cultivating sentiments and improving health.

Compared with lawns, perennial flowers in perennial flowers have many advantages, such as better adaptability, easy cultivation, low maintenance cost, quick recovery, better group functions, and greater ecological benefits, and have broad application prospects.

Perennial flowers can be divided into the following two categories:

(1) The cold-tolerant perennial flowers and stems on the ground will die in winter, and the underground part will enter the dormant state. Most can overwinter in the open field in China and germinate again in the spring of next year. It is mainly produced in temperate cold regions, such as chrysanthemums, bellflowers and bellflowers.

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; (2) The evergreen perennial flowers of the perennial flower base are still green in winter, but stop growing when the temperature is low , Showing a semi-dormant state, the temperature is basically not dormant, or only a little pause in growth. The cold resistance is weak, and it is impossible to overwinter in the cold regions of the north. Mainly produced in tropical, subtropical or temperate warm areas, such as arrowroot, Ophiopogon japonicus, cold water flower. Garden application characteristics Perennial flowers can be used in flower fields, flower beds, planting pots, flower belts, flower clusters, ground covers, cut flowers, dried flowers, vertical greening.