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0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; The colorful carnation flowers are colorful and the flowering period is also very long, which is more suitable for use as a nursery stock for gardening projects. Qingzhou Civic Garden Professional Cooperative of Flowers and Seedlings supplies colorful bamboo seedlings all year round. As an important planting base of colorful bamboo seedlings, it cultivates a variety of green seedlings with full specifications. If you are interested in buying flower seedlings, please call Qingzhou Yingxin Flowers to learn. The price of colorful bamboo seedlings is related to factors such as its high, tent diameter, supply and demand, etc. Below, please invite the Qingzhou Civic Garden Flower and Seedling Professional Cooperative to introduce the difference between Changxia dianthus and colorful bamboo.

The difference between summer carnation and colorful carnation:

Changxia dianthus is also known as feathered dianthus groundcover dianthus, colorful bamboo, alias: Dianthus sibiricum, American dianthus, ten kinds of brocade.

Changxia Dianthus prefers warmth and better sunshine, and is not cold-resistant. The soil is required to be deep and fertile, and the potted plant requires loose soil and good drainage. The colorful bamboo is resistant to the cold but not to the scorching heat, like the sunny, high dryness, ventilation, and fertile loam with good drainage.

Changxia Shizhu Yangtze River Basin and its northern area. The colorful bamboos are mostly distributed in Northeast China, North China, the Yangtze River Basin and Southeast Asia.

Changxia Dianthus has purple, pink, and white colors and is fragrant. Dianthus caryophyllus is usually red-purple, with white spots, cracked upper teeth, and bearded throat.