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Green seedlings in Qingzhou

Green seedlings in Qingzhou

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0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Requirements for planting green seedlings in Qingzhou

According to the design requirements, the plane position and specific height of the seedlings should be set, and then the tree body should be kept vertical. If the seedlings with bent trunks are used, the bending direction should be kept the same as the local main wind direction. When planting rows of seedlings, it is required to maintain the regularity of rows and columns, horizontal and vertical, and the gap between the left and right sides should be controlled within half of the width of the trunk.

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; If the seedlings are planted next to each other, pay attention to the rationality of the collocation, pay attention to the design of the tree height, shape, dry diameter, etc., as close as possible, and realize the verticality of the planted trees degree. From the perspective of viewing, the reasonable orientation design of the viewing surface is more important, and it is a relatively good side to realize the tree shape in the main direction.

Key points for planting seedlings in Qingzhou

Plants with 10 spacing should be planted with a “standard tree” in advance, that is, the tree should be used as the basis for planting to achieve uniformity of the row spacing of the planted hedges, and the side with a good tree shape should face outward. Secondly, if the hedges are trimmed and formed in the nursery, they should be planted according to the shape, maintaining the same depth, and the green lily plants should be planted in blocks or grouped according to the principle of sequential replanting from the middle to the outside.

Slope planting should follow the top-down planting principle. For large-scale block plants or cluster plants with different colors, you can use block planting. Again, attention should be paid to the control of planting depth. For bare root tree seedlings, planting depth should be controlled at 5 ~ 10 cm of the original root neck soil marks, and the shrubs should be kept flush with the original soil marks The seedlings of the earth ball should be deeper than the top 2 ~ 3 cm of the earth ball. Afterwards, the packaging of the green seedlings with the earth ball in Qingzhou will be removed, the seedlings will be planted, and after the construction of the irrigation weir is completed, the grass ropes bound to the tree crown will be removed and the branches of the trees will be stretched.