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Chithana Base

Chithana Base

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0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; The celandine perennial herb of the celandine base, multi-branched, 30-100 cm high, born on the banks of rivers, lakes, creeks and moist grasslands, likes glare , Good cold resistance, like water and moisture, not strict on soil, is a common green plant in water landscape gardens in landscaping, beautiful posture, neat and beautiful, bright and eye-catching colors, planted on the shore can form a beautiful landscape, with a relatively high appreciation value.

The celandine in the base of the celandine of the perennial herb belongs to the celandine family, with thick stems, multiple branches, quadrangular branches, opposite leaves, lanceolate, sessile, cymes, clustered, arranged in large spike Inflorescence, calyx tube with longitudinal edges 12, lobes 6, petals 6, purple or lilac, stamens 12, capsule oblate, growing on the river bank, lakeside , Wet grass.

Thousand celandine in the celandine base is used a lot in the current garden landscape. Constructing an artificial lake, planting celandine on the fountain grass has a better embellishment, and the lawn flower garden with timely water supply can also be planted in pieces. Making garden potted plants is also a good choice.

Since there is a dish in its name, it is probably a wild vegetable when there is a lack of food. It can emit more tender shoots from the branches. I tried it. It ’s a little spicy. Why is it called Thousands of grievances, it is difficult to verify, because it can grow into one piece, and other plants are difficult to grow close to, so the slang is: lonely, there may be thousands of grievances when no one has complained!