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Seasonal grass flower planting strategy

Seasonal grass flower planting strategy

  1. The time for planting seasonal grass flowers should be carried out on a cloudy day without wind as much as possible. If the construction period is tight, it should be done before 10 in the morning and after 2 in the afternoon to reduce the sun exposure at noon When transplanting, spray water while planting to keep moist and reduce wilting.

  2. When planting, you should first calculate the plant spacing according to the design density requirements (such as 16 plants / m? In general, the plant spacing is 25 cm), and then plant the contour line according to the plant spacing requirements. And then planted row by row from outside to inside according to the plant spacing. When planting bare roots, the root system should be stretched in the hole, without fisting, and then covered with soil. In order to make the root system tightly connected to the soil, it needs to be properly suppressed. When suppressing, the pressure should be evenly downward, and the base of the stem should not be pressed hard to avoid crushing. When the seedlings with soil balls are planted, fill the soil around the soil ball and suppress it. Do not suppress the soil ball to reduce the crushing of the soil ball, which will affect the survival and restore growth.

  3. The planting depth of seasonal grass flowers should be equal to or slightly shallower than the planting depth of the original nursery. It is necessary to pay attention to the backfilling of the land section to reduce the root water accumulation caused by the planting too deep, affecting growth and even death.

  4 After the planting is completed, irrigate with a fine watering can. After 1 better irrigation, do not irrigate too much before new roots are born, otherwise the roots will rot. The seedling tissue is weak, the root system is small, and the aboveground part is transpiration. It should be covered with strong sunlight for a few days after transplantation to facilitate the growth.

  5. The flowers that cannot be planted after the seasonal flowers have arrived in the site 12 hours must be temporarily faked. Use measures such as shading and water spraying.