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What is Fenghua Rose

Fenghua rose, as its name implies, has a large amount of flowers and a lot of flowers. The “more” here is more than a single bloom. As a builder of urban road landscapes, this type of rose generally blooms very hard and often blooms. Because water and fertilizer management is not as timely and adequate as in gardens when used for urban greening, the rose is often more resistant, and can form a magnificent landscape when planted in pieces.

Fenghua rose shrub height 0.9-1. {{{{{{{6}}}}}} meters, branchlets with barbed or unthorned, pinnate compound leaves, small leaves {{12} } -7 slices, wide oval or oval oval, long {{{{{6}}}}. {{{{{{6}}}}}-{{ 7}}. O cm, apex tapering, base rounded or broadly wedge-shaped. With pointed serrations, sparse spurs and glandular hairs on the petiole and leaf axis, most of the stipules are connected with the petiole, the flower is solitary or a few flowers are collected, in the shape of an umbrella, the flower diameter is {{6}} ~ 6 cm, pedicel {{{{{{6}}}}}-5 cm, often covered by glandular hairs, sepals ovate, petals dark red, silvery pink, pale Pink, black, red, orange and other colors, redo, style separation, ovary pilose, rose fruit ovoid, diameter 1. 0-1. {{{{6 }}}} Cm, red, end of month 5-1 1 month, fruit period 9-1 1 month. Like the light, like the warm and humid climate, like the fertile soil, grow in slightly acidic soil, in the Tacheng area must be irrigated, re-cut, and piled in soil, covered with grass to protect the winter. There are many rose buds in the flowering season, and they bloom one after another in the growing season, with fewer flowers in the hot summer, and a lot of flowers after the cool autumn. 00 1 00 1 0 lt; / P 00 1 00 1 0 gt; 00 1 00 1 0 lt; P 00 { {9}} 00 1 0 gt; Landscape use: bush planting, patch planting, row planting.

Abundant roses have relatively good value in landscaping. In the north and south gardens, roses are a commonly used flower. Roses are the main ornamental flowers in spring. Long flowering period, high ornamental value and low price. It can be planted in flower beds, roads, parks, factories, etc. The greening effect is good and the viewing period is long.