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The ground cover chrysanthemum has low plants, compact plant types, rich colors and numerous flowers. It is a new chrysanthemum variety group with the advantages of cold resistance, drought resistance, salt and alkali resistance, half shade resistance, pollution resistance, pest resistance, extensive management and so on.

Morphological characteristics

Perennial herbaceous flowers are short-day plants. From August to September, it will form flower buds and bloom continuously (the natural flowering period of most varieties is from September to October). The root system is developed, adventitious roots regenerate each year, new individuals germinate, lush branches and leaves, plump crown, dense flowers, natural formation, flowering period from September to October. Flowering period: summer and autumn, 30-40cm high.

Growth habit

I like to have more sunshine, but also a little cool, dry, and do not flood. The soil needs to be soft and fertile.

Main value

The ground cover chrysanthemum has good adaptability, high ornamental value and good effect. It is deeply loved by people and is known as the "camel type" flower. At present, more than 10,000 plants 1000 have been promoted and applied.

There are several 20 excellent varieties such as "drop money", "calendula", "beautiful dwarf yellow", "gold does not change", "yulinglong", "new red", "zuixi", "dream" .

It is more suitable as ground cover plants in gardens, green spaces such as squares, streets and parks. It is composed of large blocks of color and colorful flowers, showing the beauty of the macro group.

Ground cover chrysanthemum culture


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