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Huahai Engineering Design

Huahai Engineering Design

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Huahai, as its name implies, is composed of natural angiosperms repeated to form a large-scale observable plant landscape. The types of Huahai engineering design are introduced as follows:

The sea of ​​flowers of a combination of one and two annual herbs

This type of flowers is rich in variety, colorful, and enjoyable in four seasons. The combination of changing flowers every season can continuously create new landscape features. The key to the matching technology is: First, designers need to be familiar with the flowering varieties of each season and Color, biological expression shape; Second, it is necessary to pay attention to the reasonable matching of colors. Flowers with a small area can generally be matched with similar or same color series or complementary color series; with larger areas can be used with multicolor series. Usually, adjacent plants should choose colors with large differences in color. (The following pictures plants are February Orchid, Horned Pansy, Pansy, Sixfold, Ranunculus, Foxglove, Cosmos, Zinnia, Sunflower, etc.)

Flower sea of ​​bulbous plants designed by Huahai project

In addition to being familiar with the growth habits and color combinations of various varieties, the key to the selection technique is to master the main ornamental characteristics and better viewing time of each variety, and to be good at using the color and shape of the leaves and the posture of the plant to properly match the characteristics of the bulb Or the variety should increase the viewing period as much as possible to show the seasonal changes, or the role of the landscape in a certain season, to strengthen the theme of the area.

A sea of ​​flowers composed of perennial plants designed by the sea of ​​flowers project

This type of flower sea is a relatively traditional form of flower sea configuration. It has many types of plant materials, rich colors and simple cultivation (although it is a perennial perennial root plant, but the garden landscape is generally only used for one or two years of herbaceous plants), with seasonal and natural groups. effect. Its varieties are perennials, and the maintenance management is simple, but most of them do not grow well in winter. In order to maintain the long-term stability of the Huahai community, you need to pay attention to the maintenance work of the Huahai.